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Important Point

1. Commentary is not provided on this cruise
2. On the return journey there may be more passengers on board than on the outward journey, particularly in high season, traveling from Amalfi to Sorrento
3. You may have your customers commenting on there not beingseats available on the return journey. This happens when other passengers spread themselves out over more than one seat.
4. The stop in Positano is dependant on favorable sea conditions due to the passage onto the small boats (it’s important you inform your customers of this).
5. Some timing’s may vary depending on sea conditions.

Marine Club – Cruise To Positano or Amalfi

From May 21st to September 29th

The boat (Marine Club) departs the port at 10.00 am and he- ads off towards Capri.
On arrival at the island of Capri the boat heads to the Fara- glioni Rocks where the boat anchors and customers have a swim stop. The Faraglioni Rocks are in a stunning location. They are a well known part of Capri and are often shown in photographs and postcards of the island.

After 30 to 45 minutes the cruise continues and heads to- wards Positano via the Galli islands.
The scenery along the whole picturesque route is stunning with many photo opportunities.

The boat has plenty of space on the deck where customers can sit out in the sun and likewise there is plenty of space inside the boat in the shade.
The next stop for the cruise is in Positano, as the boat arrives in the bay there is a great opportunity to take some lovely photos of the town from the sea.

On this cruise customers will have free time on land which they can choose to either spend in Positano or in Amalfi.
The boat cannot dock in Positano therefore those customers that wish to visit here will have to be transferred by small motorboats at an extra cost of 3,00 euro p.p.

Once all those customers wanting to spend time in Positano have left the boat the cruise continues on with the remaining customers to Amalfi, again the coastal scenery is breathtaking along this stretch too.

On arrival in Amalfi the boat docks at the port and customers have around an hour and a half to themselves to do as they please.
In Amalfi they have the option of exploring the town and its

quaint streets, visiting the imposing Cathedral which dramati- cally dominates the main piazza or they can sunbathe or swim from the beach.
The return journey along the Amalfi Coastline stops in Posita- no once more to pick up those customers who chose to spend time there (in all they would have around 3 hours in Posita- no) before continuing on to Sorrento where they arrive back between approx 5.30pm an 6.00 pm