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On the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri, Sorrento is hosting an exhibition of high reliefs representing scenes from the cantos of the Divine Comedy.

A total of eighteen the marble panels made by Master Benedict Robazza that will be on display until August 31 in the Villa Comunale of Sorrento. The event, the first in all of Italy, was wanted by the Sorrento Foundation in collaboration with the City. The location of the panels is designed to provide the public with visions of hell in paradise of the Bay of Naples.

The arrogance of expression of the master Robazza has already had great success in other public spaces around the world, such as the monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi positioned in 18th Avenue in New York or that of Rudolph Valentino in Los Angeles. Of great significance also captions that accompagano panels of Dante’s Inferno, the most significant is undoubtedly the last song:
“… Looks like steps;
goes is that you do not trample with the heads of the plants fratei miserable and lassi.
I turned me round and vidimi before him And underfoot a lake, that Avea frost glass of water and not countenance. ”

We are in front of the Cocytus, the frozen lake in which they are immersed traitors: the traitors in an area of the relatives, in another the traitors. And here with few signs, almost hints, we might say, is happily made this chilling image, from which, in the foreground (and we are so in the thirty-third canto) shows the tangle of two bodies nailed in the same hole; Archbishop Ruggeri front and behind, above him, Count Ugolino who gnaws the skull.

The master Robazza has exasperated the veracity of this horrific scene atraverso a detailed anatomical description. On the right panel is Lucifer who, with his great wings holds frozen lake in which they were sunk the traitors of the benefactors. The three faces of the head have three hideous mouths devouring Brutus, Cassius and Judas, the three biggest traitors in history.

The trip conculde with the return to the scene of Dante and Virgil who are about to leave Hell through the dungeon to get out “to see the stars.” And it is here that the teacher repeats symbolically the same port input tree.

More information on the works are available on the website of the artist. The exhibition will be open from April 25 until August 31, from 10 to 22 in the Villa Comunale of Sorrento.