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Top tips

  • Take passports for discounts
  • Closed shoes for the sand underfoot in Pompeii and Vesuvius
  • Possible choice to purchase combined site tickets (valid for 3
    days) € 20,00
  • Limited wheelchair and buggy access

EXTRA COSTS per person

  • Herculaneum € 11,00
  • Vesuvius right to the top € 10.00 – Free entrance under 10 CEE
  • Lunch € 13,00

Herculaneum & Vesuvius

Depart Sorrento and travel to Castellammare,
Join motorway at Castellammare and head towards Naples. Before Naples, arrive at Herculaneum (total journey time ap- prox. 1 to 11⁄2 hrs)
Herculaneum was a residential coastal town which has been superbly preserved due to the fact that it was covered in vol- canic mud during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.
On arrival at the entrance to the site the guide will wait for customers to pay their entrance fees.
The guide will give people the chance to view the town from above before heading down and beginning the guided tour which lasts about an hour. The buildings have been so well preserved that you can walk down the streets pretty much exactly as the Romans would have done over 2000 years ago! There are still original timbers showing in the buildings and clay pots stored as they would have been at the time of the eruption.
It was believed that many of the inhabitants of the town ma- naged to successfully flee unlike those not so fortunate in Pompeii.
The tour takes in many of the most important sites including the public baths with their well preserved frescoes and mo- saics along with the shops and gymnasium. It is all in all a fa- scinating tour of possibly one of the best preserved examples of a Roman residential town in the world, brought to life by the years of study and knowledge of our guides.
The coach departs for Mount Vesuvius. On the way up there is a stop for lunch .The coach takes the guests to mt.1000 and
if the clients wish, they walk the rest themselves. The guests purchase their entrance tickets. There is a man at the foot of the volcano who provides walking sticks which customers can hire for a small charge to help them walk up to the crater. Upon reaching the crater, a local guide will walk them around the crater and give them an explanation (we cannot guaran- tee that the guide service will always be available) Customers then have free time to walk around. Customers meet the bus at the car park and then make the journey back to Sorrento. This will take approx. 1 hour.
Return to resort approx. 16.00 /17.00
This excursion includes headsets that will be given out by the guides on the coach during the journey to Herculaneum.
No head sets at Vesuvius.
These headsets are an excellent selling point