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Easter and its culinary traditions, many recipes that mark typical cuisine of Naples and Sorrento. The queen of the Easter tradition is certainly Pastiera which was recently recognized as a traditional food product. The legend says it was the siren Partenope to create this delight. The current recipe was perfected by the Sisters of the Convent of San Gregorio Armeno.

Easter in Sorrento Traditions and Recipes

The Neapolitan Pastiera is a true work of art and takes time, passion and patience to be prepared. We must prepare the the shortbread and let it rest in the fridge. Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Main ingredients are the ricotta fresh cheese or and wheat boiled in milk, to which are added candied fruit sugar and eggs. The secret of the fragrance are the many flavors that are added to the mixture. The variant of the Sorrento tradition sees the addition of custard. Formerly the pastiera were cooked in wood-burning ovens, and even today, in the Sorrento Peninsula, some grandmothers who live in the houses on the hills are used to cook the pastiera in ancient wood-burning ovens. The flavor is even more sublime.

Another recipe is the Neapolitan traditional is “Casatiello” in its sweet variety. We start with a bread dough made with yeast and lard to which add eggs, sugar, candied fruit and natural flavors. Let rise naturally for all the time necessary. Once cooked, the Casatiello, is decorated with icing and colored with candies called “diavulilli” – small devils – in Neapolitan tongue.

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