We are proud to present some works of art housed in the rooms of our hotel:

Copy Mosaics similar to the mosaics that you find in the excavation of the temple of Apollo in Pompeii, that represents Ulysses finding Achilles dressed as a women among the daughters of King Lycomedes.

Charcoal by the Master Renato Balsamo in the De Chirico style depicting a naked Ulysses showing the crew the coast of Sorrento.

Charcoal by the Master Renato Balsamo representing the island of Capri as seen from the Bay of Ieranto with the following mythical creatures: Chiron, the Centaur who taught Achille the lyre, Triton embracing a siren and the temple of Athena situated on today’s Punta Campanella.

Olive tree- Copy of the original property of Anna Acampora and Nino Apreda depicting a native olive tree in the locality of Capodimonte with views of Sorrento.

The olive tree in the greek-roman classical tradition of Ulysses is a synthesis of religion, family and the kitchen in the tradition of the Mediterranean.

Artisan nativity scene in the 1700 Neapolitan style displayed in a glass case, with angels, zampognari (bagpipe players) and a family group.